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2 Races = 2 Wins

Jimco Proves Superior in the Southern Hemisphere with Outright Wins, in both the AORC and ARB Series

Finke Outright Winner

Glenn Owen is a well-versed off road racer, who was racing Finke for his 6th time. His previous best at the customary there-and-back race was a 2nd place outright finish in 1995. Owen greeted the race weekend with brand new Jimco Aussie Special, and he was determined to win.
When prologue was completed, Owen was one in a mob of seven Jimco drivers in the Top-10. He landed in the 4th starting position, just one-second behind Jimco mate Mark Burrows. On day-1, Owen and  his co-rider Mathew Ryan drove the #30 consistently from check-point to check-point; until the last 49km and then drove that machine unleashed with the gate open during, clocking an almost unfathomable 25-minute and 34-second split from Mount Squires to Finke. Glen Owen ended his voyage to Finke first on the clock, a full minute plus some ahead of Jimco mate Mark Burrows. Even more impressive; Glen Owen’s 2016 Jimco beat the top finishing trophy truck on Day-1 by 23-seconds.
The walloping against the field continued into Day-2, as Glen Owen enjoyed near perfect weather for a pleasant Sunday drive; a pleasant drive that dropped jaws across social media upon seeing his day-2 finish time being 1-hour, 46-minutes and 50-seconds… more than enough to capture the outright title.
In a post-race interview, Owen was asked if he came to Finke expecting to win, his answer: “Yes we did.” He explained that the team aimed high with a “proper crack at the race while everything is still fresh in the new car.” It’s hard to say expectations were exceeded when one was expecting a win, however, that #30 Jimco was not only awarded as the trusty-steed to bring Owen the outright win, but crowned Owen the prestigious title of “King of the Desert” for recording the fastest time.

Glenn Owen

Travis Robinson

Jack Rhodes         Gregory Hicks

Congratulations to all of the Jimco finishers of Finke!
1st – #30 Glenn Owen
2nd – #13 Travis Robinson
6th – #91 Jack Rhodes
7th – #47 Gregory Hicks

2nd – #120 Justin Watt
4th – #155 Locky Weir
8th – #187 Craig Anderson

4th – #401 Steven Sanderson
6th – #492 David Fellows

Locky Weir
         David Fellows
The winning continued with another Jimco outright, over in the Western Victoria region of Australia, at the MLB Sea Lake Mallee Rally 450.
Brad Chasemore enthusiastically finished as the outright winner, in his #10 single-seat Jimco which was manufactured before the popular Jimco2000 racecars from the late-1990s. “Woohoo! What a feeling!” Brad shouted as he savored his podium moment, “After watching this race as a kid and years of competing at this great event, WOW!”
Chasemore, who soloed the event, conjured up a 3rd position spot in prologue, giving him a shallow tunnel to plow to that top spot. He consistently aced the course with 41-minute lap times, and was in the first physical position after the third lap. That third lap, of 40-minutes and 34-seconds, is the fastest recorded lap time of the entire Sea Lake event.
Brad expressed gratitude to a long list of supporters, including many Jimco teams, stating, “The off road family is pretty special,” and additionally, thanked his wife and children for “putting up with [his] addiction [to racing].”
Brad Chasemore
Congratulations to all the Jimco finishers of Sea Lake!
1st – #10 Brad Chasemore
5th – #48 Jamie Robinson

6th – #178 Lindsay Foster
7th – #173 Jason Noonan

Jimco's 2016 score card

20 Class wins and counting, lead by Wilson and Matlock.

Jimco’s Class-1s Take 4 of the Top-5 at the 2016 Baja 500
Baja 500 Winners
It is a trending sight; blue race suits of the Wilson Motorsports team, standing atop a Jimco car, holding a checkered flag, smiles and the vanquishing rain of a celebratory toast. Making more than an animated photo, the Wilson racing family continues to make memories together in their Jimco race cars… this time at the Baja 500.
Starting in the 15th position, the #138 darted off the start in Ensenada with Brian Wilson behind the wheel and Craig Darrow in the right seat. They had no issues; let that sink in, they had no issues… a testament to the teams preparation lead by Mike Stapleton. Considering the hardships and stories revolving around this year’s Baja 500, to have no issues is nothing short of amazing. When Brian and Craig passed the reigns to Ronny Wilson and Justin Monyun, the #138 was in 3rd physical, and first on time. Ronny kept the pace solid and then passed the torch to Randy Wilson, who held that lead all the way through the checkered flag. The team celebrated an undisputed win by over 14-minutes in class, and a 9th place overall finish. Second place finisher, Justin Davis, is quoted at the finish line expressing how he “tried to run down the Wilson’s, just couldn’t!”
The #153 Jimco of Brad Wilson enjoyed a spot on the podium with a 3rd place effort. Driven at the start by Kyle Quinn and co-rider Ricky Hardy, the #153 had a starter issue around rm60 that would be remedied, but created the need to push the car, and make-up some down time. Brad Wilson vaulted into the car at Borrego, knowing they were within podium reach. Brad kept making headway and found himself fitting nicely into that third position.
Brent Parkhouse
Wilson Motorsports         Baja 500 Class-1
It was a race day hotter than most can ever remember of the Baja 500 but of the 18 starters in class-1, two other Jimco fabricated race cars brought their teams safely into the Top-5. The #128 of Brent Parkhouse completed a 4th place run. “I’m really proud to be here,” Parkhouse exclaimed through his exhaustion at the finish, “We had a flat and I missed a turn but other than that, the car ran great!” The #114 of Al Torres finished his 500-mile race in 5th and commented on the increasingly difficult visibility, added to the extreme heat but assured, “We gave it all we [had] and here we are.”
The Matlocks see their Jimco UTVs to the Podium
Matlock Finishes First
Wayne Matlock         Kristen Matlock
From sea level to 4,000 above, from beds of thick silt to hills of dense rocks, the diverse Baja 500 race has the challenges that appeal to all racers. 14 Pro UTV FI competitors lined up in the blazing heat on Saturday June 4th, to take on not just each other, but the unpredictable land of the Baja peninsula. More predictable however was the top finisher in his class, Wayne Matlock in his #2971 Jimco Pro UTV FI. He has now gone back-to-back as the Overall UTV winner in 2015 & 2016. Wayne found himself stuck in “the bottle neck,” and dropped from first to eighth in a few short minutes; but the veteran racer would not let on that he was frustrated with the situation by commenting non-nonchalantly, “it happens.” The Matlock name could be seen all over live tracking sites, to all who opened their browsers from the comfort of their air-conditioned home, as Kristen Matlock was also racing. She regulated her pink Jimco Pro UTV to the podium, claiming 3rd in the non turbo UTV class. Kristen raced Jimco’s first UTV for Terrabit Racing, which brought Wayne a win at last year’s Baja 500.
Billy Wilson Finishes with Points Towards the Championship
Coming off a stunning San Felipe 250 overall victory in his first Score Trophy Truck race, Billy Wilson of Bevly-Wilson Racing, out of Texas, was anxious to get back behind the wheel of his number 15 4-Wheel Specialties Jimco.  Complications and time constraints would not allow the rookie Trophy Truck driver to be able to test for the Baja 500 and he would have to use qualifying as his pre-race test. After a navigational error in qualifying, 25th is were Billy Wilson would start out of Ensenada. Billy and Navigator Byron Seed had a humble goal to “just move forward.” Completing the course in 9-hours, 2-minutes and 14-seconds, he was awarded the 8th place finishing position. The top 10 finish is good enough to keep the team in the points lead headed into round 3 in Rosarito in September. Gary Magness in the #45 Jimco concluded the Top-10 in Trophy Truck class.
Jimco Present Among Class-10 Finishers
Sergio Salgado         Johnny Buss
Armando Boehme         Jimco Class-10
4th = #1088 Sergio Salgado
12th = #1056 Johnny Buss
13th = #1060 Armando Boehme
16h = #1018 Miguel Tornel Jr.
Jimco Progress Report

New Car Feature: The Baja Bug of Dreams

Jimco Racing’s Special Feature: The Baja Bug of Dreams
The Bug Of Dreams
On March 21st, a snap shot of a fully assembled race-ready Baja Bug was published on the social media outlets of Jimco Racing, Inc. In a matter of hours, the image had rallied over 15,000 “likes” on Facebook, almost 5,000 shares and reached the eyes of over 500,000 people. Comments like, “That is the baddest bug I’ve ever seen! And I’ve seen lots!” and, “… this is a Jimco work of art!” swirled through many more comments of praise, comments of desert racing enthusiasts alerting other desert racing enthusiasts, and comments begging to know more about this “insane and inspiring” new build from Jimco.
Jimco gave it’s fans what they wanted less than 24-hours later with a follow up post containing more images of the cherry red race car. Comments like, “That is a BEASTMODE bug” flooded the Facebook and Instagram feeds once more, and the crowd again reached out to Jimco for more information about this Bug of Dreams.
Gay Smith        Gay Smith Testing
Gay Smith, a long time Jimco loyal, had been tearing up race courses in a car he purchased 15-years ago but decided it was time for a new race vehicle. For Gay Smith, and for many off road racers, desert racing is much more than a glorified hobby; it is a lifestyle, rich with memories. Smith wanted his new race car to not just be competitively able to burn through the contour of the desert, but also embrace the culture of desert racing.
The finished product not only captures desert off road racing from an aesthetic point-of-view, but also with the whole making memories aspect… This new Jimco chassis with a vintage-inspired body competed in the NORRA Mexican 1000: A 4-day 9-stage rally race, holding historical influence over the off-road community since 1967. Gay Smith brought his new Jimco across the final checkered flag in Cabo 7th overall, and first in class!
Specifications of Gay Smith’s “Beastmode Bug”
Interior         Front
Suspension         Side view
MOTOR: Roush Ford V8 427ci, 650 Hp, 640 Ft Torque
TRANSMISSION: Albins 5 Speed Sequential with Convertor
SUSPENSION: Jimco Champion Class 1 Suspension
STEERING: Howe 3.0 Steering Rack
TIRES: 37″ BFG KR2’s on 17″ Method Wheels
BRAKES: Jamar Trophy Truck Caliper
BODY: Custom 1966 VW Bug

Jimco Champions finish 1-2 in class 1500!

Jimco Logo

Cody Parkhouse Wins his Second Consecutive Race

LDC 1500-class winner

The 1501 Jimco took home a first place trophy in it’s last race, the Mint-400, which ignited a new confidence for the Parkhouse race team. Cody Parkhouse was ready to carry that Mint momentum into Laughlin, for round-3 of the Best in the Desert series.
Starting side-by-side on row 2, after a 4th place qualifying effort, Parkhouse’s task to win was not going to be elementary. By the 3rd lap, and 48-minutes and 57-seconds of racing, the 1501 had the lead. Cody took the Day-1 win by 1 minute and 53 seconds. Day-2 started with Parkhouse on the front row. He got the jump off the line, ahead of Sam Berri’s #1549, and never looked back. Cody took Sunday’s race by a full minute plus 3-seconds.
Two days, two wins. Two races, two wins. Congratulations on the back-to-back golds Cody!

Sam Berri maintained his competitiveness with his 1549 Jimco during both days of racing. He finished his first lap of day-1 with the fastest time of the 1500-class but was unable to keep the lead and would take home 2nd on the day. Starting on the front row for day-2 would give him one chance to take back valuable time he lost to Parkhouse the previous day, but it was not to be… By the end of the infield, Berri would fall inline behind the 1501 and take 3rd on the day, giving him a 2nd place finish for the weekend and giving Jimco 1500-cars the 1-2 finish.

Kevin Thompson was on the move in his 1590 Jimco 2000 Series until the motor Gods had other ideas and ended his day early. The 1547 of Pat McCarthy would debut his new Jimco Champion and take home a solid 6th place. Brady Thompson in the 1568 Jimco 2000 would finish 7th.

Sam Berri

McCarthy         Thompson


Jason Voss Follows up his Mint-400 Podium with Another Podium!

The blue and white Jimco Trick Truck of Voss Motorsports is a common sight to see at the front of the pack, dazzling race spectators with top speeds and being, “the best truck to watch,” as stated by a fan on Day-2 at the Laughlin Desert Classic.

Jason Voss qualified 5th but by the end of the first lap, just 16-minutes into the race, he had established a comfortable 3rd place position on time, and would stay there. “[It was a] Clean run and the truck is good. [I] can’t wait to hang it all out tomorrow,” Jason stated in satisfaction of Saturday’s race in the #35 Jimco. Indeed, Jason, indeed. On day-2, Voss took the cleanest lines and became the never-yielding leader on lap-3, taking the win on day-2. His combined effort over both days granted him a valuable 2nd place finish, the second podium finish of the season for Voss in his Jimco Trick Truck.

The #41 of Justin Lofton would have a tough day-1 and clean day-2 to earn him an 8th place finishing spot on the weekend. The #55 of Anthony Terzo would round out the top-10 after fighting alternator belt issues all weekend.

Jason Voss

Lofton         Terzo

Hildebrand Impresses with a Great Effort!

The 1068 Jimco of Blade Hildebrand fought the Laughlin desert hard, and made the leaders aware of his presence at the track. He started in the 12th position but like a ninja in the night, he “came out of no where,” according to a reaction at the finish on Day-1, by patiently sneaking to the top spots lap-after-lap. Hildebrand found himself in the 4th position on time after the first lap, 2nd after the second lap and was in the lead by the third lap, holding that position through the finishing point of day-1. On day-2, he maintained his presence in the top spots until an unfortunate fuel-leak-out-of-gas incident ended Blade’s chances at victory. He finished 7th.

The 1056 Buss Sports entry of Johnny Buss would endure a faulty oil sensor on Saturday and finish 6th. The drama continued Sunday with a flat tire and Buss Motorsports took 3rd for the day, giving their Jimco a weekend score of 4th place. The 1055 of Shane Earn encounter a few on-course incidents and take home a 6th place finish.


Earn         Coleman


4th Johnny Buss
6th Shane Earn
7th Blade Hildebrand


1st Cody Parkhouse
2nd Sam Berri
6th Pat McCarthy
7th Brady Turner

2nd Jason Voss
8th Justin Lofton
10th Anthony Terzo

Jimco Podium Tally

Jimco Teams Continue to Thrive Globally

Jimco Claims Global Wins in Australia & Baja Last Weekend

Macca Kittle

Matthew Kittle was awarded his first Pro/Outright win in his #23 Jimco, and says that he is, “looking forward to carrying this [podium] through to Finke.” Kittle was among 6 Jimco drivers; including Travis Robinson, Shannon Rentsch, Mark Burrows and Glen Owen, to qualify for the Sunraysia 600 in the Top-9. The race conditions were dry and blindingly dusty, and Kittle stated he “felt all 600km” of this 2-day endurance race. Finishing on the podium in 3rd place was Jack Rhodes, who qualified 3rd in his #91 Pro-Class Jimco.

Jack Rhodes

#21         Glen Owen

#13        #1

The 2015 AORC points champion came to the Sunraysia 600 with confidence. Steven Sanderson, and his “Green Beast” #401 Jimco Extreme 2WD Trophy Truck declared a class win, after a rough qualifying session. Sanderson had to gambit his way from the 42nd starting position with ambitions high and sirens loud. A live feed of the race showed the #401 growling passed the field, leaving an echo of awe in the dust behind him.Sanderson’s win marks back to back wins in Sunraysia and puts him in a great position to defend his title heading into Finke.

Steven Sanderson


The CODE Night Race brings an exciting challenge to racers every year, and a chance to prove their talent can shine without the sun. With light bars ready, 171 entries divided on separate tracks lit up the night in northern Baja.

With an outstretched finish of 6-minutes over 2nd place, Rene Cuevas takes his back-to-back overall win and 1st place class finish in his #7 Jimco.

Additional Jimco podium finishers from the CODE Night Race are Alberto Ritchie with the Class-10 win, and Renato Villalpando in 2nd place for the 1600-Class.

CODE night race         Rene Cuevas


Jimco Totals

Wilson Motorsports Win Motion Tire 300


Jimco's Presence on the Podium Continues at SNORE's Motion Tire 300


Ronny Wilson takes home his second 1st place trophy of the year in his #138, while his son, Brad, adds a 3rd place trophy to his podium collection. The Wilson Motorsports entry #138 was piloted by Ronny, Randy & Brian Wilson and the Wilson Motorsports #139 was piloted by Brad Wilson and Kyle Quin. Brad Wilson's Jimco Class-1 threw down the second-fastest lap time of the class. The fastest lap time of the class was set by Ronny's car, which averaged a stunning 51 mph average over the brutal dusty terrain in Ridgecrest, California.


Podium finishes in the 10-car class featured a 3rd place finish by #1053 of Fred Hatch, and a 2nd place finish by the #1056 of Johnny Buss.
Buss's unmistakable purple and yellow single-seat Class-10 was described as "a rocket," as it carved through the course, like a hot knife through butter, moving from the 20th position to the second position. More impressive still; this was only the second race in the new #1056... and this Jimco clocked the fastest class 10 time and the third fastest lap time of all classes. Johnny includes the Jimco prep and chase team to much of his success in the Motion Tire 300.


Jimco's family presence was represented not only by the Wilson's, but with the father daughter team of Will J and Emily Staats in the #42 Jimco Trophy Truck. This race marked Emily's first Trophy Truck drive who finished a respectable 4th place. Emily is a previous Class-1300 Champion, and possesses some intimidation as a pilot in the TT class. She will be a driver to keep an eye on.

Jimco 2016 Griffith 400 Race Report + Quarterly Update

5 out of 6 Overall Race Wins!

Danny Brown wins Griffith 400 Outright

With Danny Brown’s 1st overall execution of the ARB Griffith 400, Jimco captures five 1st overalls in the 6 races of participation during the 2016 season.

Jack Rhodes and David Pullino situated their #91 Jimco Pro-class buggy at the top spot after prologue, even after a crowd-pleasing display of a full 360 in the whoop section. The Rhodes/Pullino duo drove clean during the first stage and had the lead by over 2-minutes. Danny Brown and George Apted, in their #42 Jimco Pro-class buggy, enjoyed a stealthy 2nd place spot to end the stage.

Unfortunately for Rhodes his race would come to an end early in the final stage on the first lap. Brown wasted no time to capitalize on the dust-free air and solidified his overall win by 3-minutes and 31-seconds.

Jimco proudly welcomes Danny Brown, to the ever-growing 2016 list of driver’s to bring their Jimco vehicles to an overall win. The elite list stands as follows:

Reve Cuervas – CODE Grand Prix – FEB 12
Ross Mattox – SNORE Battle at Primm – FEB 21
Billy Wilson – SCORE San Felipe 250 – FEB 28
Justin Lofton – BITD Mint 400 – MAR 13
Danny Brown – ARB Griffith 400 – MAR 20

Billy Wilson Overall's San Felipe 250     Justin Lofton Overall's the Mint 400

To add to the 5 overall victories on the year Jimco vehicles have 11 classes victories in those 6 races.  Jimco’s have claimed real estate on 22 podium positions. These driver’s are all dangerous contenders in the hunt for championship titles and bragging rights.

Corey Keysar Wins the Parker 425     Ronny Wilson Wins the San Felipe 250

1st – Will Staats (Battle at Primm)
1st – Billy Wilson (San Felipe 250)
1st – Justin Lofton (Mint 400)
3rd – Jason Voss (Mint 400)

1st – Reve Cuervas (Grand Prix)
2nd – Alfredo Torres (Grand Prix)

1st – Cory Keysar (Parker 425)
1st – Ross Mattox (Battle at Primm)
1st – Ronny Wilson (San Felipe 250)
1st – Cody/Brian Parkhouse (Mint 400)
3rd – Pat McCarthy (Parker 425)

1st – Danny Brown (Griffith 400)
3rd Terry Merriman (Griffith 400)

2nd – Jason Coleman (Parker 425)
3rd – Sergio Salgado (San Felipe 250)
3rd – Jason Coleman (Mint 400)

1st – Bob Elio (Parker 425)
1st – Brad Wilson (Mint 400)
3rd – Rafael Navarro (San Felipe 250)

3rd – Sam Egan (Griffith 400)

Pro UTV Turbo:
2nd – Wayne Matlock (Mint 400)

Pro UTV:
2nd – Kristen Matlock (Mint 400)

Jimco’s take 3 classes at The Mint 400

Great Race Cars Succeed in the Great American Off-Road Race:
Jimco Wins MINT 400

Justin Lofton came into the weekend of the 2016 Mint 400 with his Jimco Trick Truck, as the previous overall winner and winner in his class. After qualifying first, it became clear to all that his intentions were more than just to participate in the legendary Great American Off-Road Race, but he wanted to win.

After approximately 35-minutes into the first lap, Lofton began to lose precious seconds to the #35 Jimco Trick Truck of Jason Voss. By the time the first lap was complete, Lofton was a full minute behind Voss on time. The desert began to put up a good fight against Voss during that second lap, and the lead on time was up for grabs between pristine drivers like Rob MacCachren, Bryce Menzies and Eduardo Laguna, with Andy McMillin looking to get a piece of the top spot as well. By the end of the 2nd lap, Lofton was sitting in fourth place on time, 2 full minutes out of first place while Jason Voss was back in the 8th spot.
Both Lofton and Voss knew their Jimco Trick Trucks could handle their determination on that final lap and through down their gas pedals. Photographer Eric Minks said this of Voss’s effort: ” I have to say, some of the most impressive driving I had seen all day was Jason Voss. He launched down a whole hill never lifted and was trying to give it all that truck had!” At the mid-point of the last lap, Voss had cataputled all the way to 5th place on time, less than 1-minute away from Bryce Menzies, who was holding on to third. Meanwhile, Justin Lofton had reclaimed the top spot… and that is where he would remain.

The champagne rained down for 2nd generation Jimco driver Justin Lofton, and his crew, as he became the first driver since 1972 to hold the title of Back-To-Back Mint 400 Overall Winner.

Jason Voss diligently crossed the finish line in 3rd place.
Other Trick Truck finishers include the Jimco builds of Troy Vest, Justin Summers, Robbie Pierce and Kevin Curtis.





The Father/Son Parkhouse team has had their fair share of more than enough 2nd place finishes in Best In The Desert races, but their #1501 Jimco is now a Mint 400 class winner, and also holds the fastest lap-time!

Cody Parkhouse was structured in a side-by-side start and dropped the lead position to Kevin Thompson. Parkhouse spent the first lap fighting to get his time to the number one post, and by the beginning of the 2nd lap, the fight was won. Through every timing check from there on out, including the third lap when Brian Parkhouse took the driver’s seat, the lead extended. Congratulations to Brian and Cody on their team effort!

Cory Keysar and Erick Jacobs enjoyed finishing spots in the Top-10 for their respective Jimcos, while Jimco drivers Pat McCarthy and Sam Berri can claim they too finished the 2016 Mint 400.




Jason Coleman stands among the Mint 400 podium, for his second consecutive Best In The Desert race, with his #1071 Jimco.

Like Parkhouse, Coleman also had to display patience with a side-by-side start. It was between Coleman and Roger Starkey as to who would set the pace for the first lap of over 30 other cars in their class. The two competitors flipped back and forth between the lead position, and also took turns getting flat tires over the rocky topography. Approaching the third lap brought new challenges; like lap traffic and a torn up track. Being the smart driver that he is, Jason chose not to risk more flat tires with hazardous passes and finished the race 2nd physical, 3rd on corrected time, 10-seconds away from the 2nd place mark.

Miguel Torrel and Shane Earn also celebrated top-10 finishes in their Jimcos, for the 1000-class.


Still hyped-up from his impressive San Felipe run, Brad Wilson was unstoppable at this years Mint 400 in the 1100-class.

Brad started in the 3rd position, but stole the lead early in the first lap and never looked back. Finishing first physical hinted to a win on the clock, and as the other drivers finished their races, it was confirmed that Brad held the best time by a huge margin of almost 25-minutes. Unsurprisingly, Wilson also holds the title for fastest lap-time.


The UTV Turbo and  UTV 1900 classes were graced by the Matlock’s podium presence, as both Wayne and Kristen stood proudly in second place, in their corresponding classes.

Wayne Matlock chose to take a slow but even pace at first, understanding the contour of the land. Flat tires plagued his Jimco UTV Turbo , but Wayne was able to charge on the last lap and launch himself in second place.
Kristen Matlock secured the second place finishing spot, in her second ever Best In The Desert Race. The previous race she ran in her Jimco UTV 1900 was also a second place finish. Two consecutive races, Two consecutive second place finishes… this could be the start of a very successful UTV racing career for Kristen in her pink Terabit Racing Jimco. “I can’t believe this,” Kristen exclaimed on the finishing stage, “I’m so excited! [Wayne and Kristen] finished second, we finished the Mint-400 and I’m super happy!”


Races next up for the Jimco elite:
The ARB Griffith 400 – March 18/19/20 – NSW, Australia
The AORC Sunraysia 600 – April 8/9/10 – Mildura, Australia
The CODE Night Race – April 8/9/10 – Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico

Jimco’s take unlimited classes in San Felipe

Billy Wilson Stuns the San Felipe 250 with his First Entry as a SCORE Trophy Truck

The in-house designed, built, and prepped Jimco Trophy Truck #15, piloted by Billy Wilson of Corpus Christi, Texas, met dirt for the second time ever and took home the checkered flag this past weekend in San Felipe. Jimco race support completed a 4-tire change and fuel pit stop in under 60-seconds at race mile 150.
This is the second time a turn-key Jimco Trophy Truck has won the overall in the past year in their second race; the first being the #41 Trophy Truck at last year’s Mint 400, piloted by Justin Lofton.
Jimco Trophy Truck driver Gary Magnes survived the harsh terrain and brought the #45 to a respectable 5th place finish.

Long time Jimco racer Ronny Wilson, keeps off-road racing a family tradition, as his son Brad Wilson, was among the talented field of Jimco Class-1 drivers, including; Al Torres, Richardo Malo, Monica Greenhill and Paul Keller. The #153 of Brad Wilson was not far behind his father but in the end, Ronny showed his son how it’s done in Baja by taking the top spot on the podium in the #138. Jimco press will keep a close eye on this friendly father/son competition.

After the Baja 1000, the #1088 of Sergio Salgado went to Jimco Racing Inc, for rear end surgery. After getting new rear arm, rear hubs, brakes and rear bumper, the car was tested and tuned by Jimco staff the evening before the race in San Felipe, making this Jimco race car a force to be reckoned with.
Sergio Salgado tasted sweet victory as the first finisher of the Class-10s in the #1088, but an unfortunate Virtual Check Point penalty bumped Salgado back to third. Look for Salgado to be a continuing threat to the podium in future races.

Jimco Trophy Truck Spec finisher Russ Buehler traveled all the way from Kansas City with his brother Neil to compete in the SCORE series. The #201 finished 4th in class.
Despite electrical conflicts, the new Jimco Trophy Truck Spec #254 of Andres Ruffo finished the race in 6th place.

2016 San Felipe 250 Official Finishers

Trophy Truck:
1st       15 Billy Wilson
5th      45 Gary Magnes

Class 1:
1st      138 Ronny Wilson
5th     114 Al Torres
6th     153 Brad Wilson
8th     118 Ricardo Malo

TT Spec:
4th     201 Russ Buehler
6th     254 Andres Ruffo

Class 10:
3rd     1088 Sergio Salgado
7th     1060 Armando Boehme

Class 12:
3rd   1209 Rafael Navarro


NEXT UP: The BITD Mint 400
Look for Jimco Racing, Inc. at contingency to view Johnny Buss’ new single-seat 10-car, and the new Polaris Turbo RZR of Wayne Matlock.

Jimco’s shine at the 2016 Best in the Desert Parker 425

Corey Keysar is victorious in his Jimco Champion Series class 1500 car

Keysar Dominates Parker… Again

Corey Keysar hangs on to win his 3rd Parker event in 4 years, leading a talented group of Jimco drivers, that claimed four other spots of the top-10 finishers in class 1500.

Class 1500 Results

1st Corey Keysar
3rd Pat McCarthy
4th Brent Parkhouse
5th Charley McDowell
9th Kevin Thompson


Jason Coleman leads the field of Jimco class 10 cars with a solid 2nd place finish to start his campaign for the 2016 championship title.

Class 1000 Results
2nd – Jason Coleman
6th – Reuben Wood
7th – Shane Earn
11th – Jeff Callaghan
12th – Fred Hatch
Trick Truck Results
4th – Jason Voss
18th Scott Schovajsa
19th Troy Vest
20th Justin Summers
Justin Lofton returned in his #41 Jimco Trick Truck, but during his top-5 run, converter issues would sidelined Lofton on the 3rd-lap.
Jimco Racing, Inc. is looking ahead to the next big events: The UTV World Championships on February 20th which includes 2015 UTV phenomenon Wayne Matlock who looks to debut his new Jimco Turbo Charged Polaris RZR. Additionally, the first race of the SCORE season: the San Felipe 250 on February 27th. Look for complete Jimco Racing recaps in the coming weeks of these, and all other races.