XR-31 Lightweight Performance Hose


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XR-31 Lightweight Performance Hose

 Tough lightweight hose that is a sure bet for racers and performance enthusiasts. It's versatile, flexible, easy to cut and assemble with a number of attractive characteristics including: excellent temperature resistance -40 degree to +300 degree F, high tube strength, tight bend radius capable of tight engine compartments. 3-ply construction consists of full coverage Nylon-bonded outer braid for abrasion-resistance, partial coverage embedded braid middle layer, and CPE synthetic rubber inner tube for great flow and high temperature resistance. XR-31 Hose is made in the USA and offers a significant weight-savings over stainless steel braided hose.

Because today's fuels can contain a wide variety of unpublished additives, it is not possible for us to accurately predict compatibility of the inner liner of XR-31 hose with any specific fuel. We recommend HS-79 Teflon-lined hose, if in doubt.

XR-31 hose is NOT compatible with brake fluid.

Qty = 1 Foot