Tilton 77 Series Master Cylinders




Tilton 77 Series Master Cylinders

77-Series master cylinders offer the latest in racing master cylinder technology in a very lightweight and compact design. The rear spherical bearing mount and one-piece piston/pushrod eliminate side thrust into the master cylinder bore, providing consistent and repeatable braking.

  • Billet aluminum body profile is optimized for each bore size, providing the highest levels of strength/stiffness while minimizing weight.
  • Hand-built and blueprinted for cut-off port travel. Cut-off port travel may be tuned for increased or decreased pedal free-play using optional shims.
  • Proprietary low-friction coatings minimize wear and provide smooth operation.
  • Spherical bearing (rear pivot) is positively retained with snap rings.
  • 1.1″ of stroke provides the fluid displacement needed for a wide variety of applications.
  • AN-3 outlet port.
  • AN-6 crush washer seal inlet port.
  • Weighs .30 lbs (varies by bore size).

77-Series master cylinders are designed specifically for use with Tilton 900-Series pedal assemblies and balance bars.