C&R 18Plate Heat Exchanger

C&R Racing / PWR


Oil Cooler Oil to Water Heat Exchanger 18 plate
C&R’s External Heat Exchangers offer an option to having the heat exchanger in the tank of the radiators. Oftentimes packaging doesn’t allow, so this design gives the ability to place for convenience of plumbing and out of harm’s way. These units are commonly found in sports car, off-road, and high performance street rod installation. The addition of “plates in the stack” increases the oil cooling.
The heat exchanger is typically plumbed in-line between the radiator and the pump to cool the oil with the coldest water in the system. We supply the oil line connections with -12AN adapters that can be removed should you require a reducer expander.
1-1/2" Water Inlet and Outlet = #40-00005
1-3/4" Water Inlet and Outlet = #40-00004