Method 101 Truck Wheel, Beadlock




Method 101 Wheel, Beadlock

From the deserts of Baja to the Rocky Mountains, the MR101 Beadlock is the premier wheel in off road racing. These light weight, raw machined wheels are beefed up in all the right places to give you the ultimate in strength. The beadlock ring is forged from 6061-aluminum and fastens using grade 8 zinc plated bolts. Sizes offered range from 15”-17”. Refined over years of racing, the 101 Beadlock is the natural choice for the best off road vehicles.


Size         Bolt Pattern         Offset/Spacing
15x8.0          5x4.50               -24mm/3.50"
15x8.0          5x4.75               -24mm/3.50"
15x8.0          5x5.50               -24mm/3.50"
17x9.0          5x5.50               -12mm/4.50"
17x9.0          6x6.50               -12mm/4.50"

Wheels Ship Direct From Method and Are Based on Availability.