Fox Racing Air Shocks 2" Coil Over Body 13.35" Stroke 1-1/4" Shaft Emulsion Shock Without Reservoir

FOX Shocks



Invented by Bob Fox in 1974, air shocks offer infinite ride height settings with simple nitrogen gas pressure changes in addition to their compression and rebound damping adjustability.

Nitrogen Pressure:
Fox air shocks should be charged with NITROGEN ONLY. Nitrogen will not hold moisture, and expands less as temperatures increase. DO NOT fill your shocks with compressed air because this will introduce moisture to the shock causing internal corrosion.

Fox air shocks can be filled with 10psi to 500psi of Nitrogen. To calculate the spring force, multiply the PSI by 1.2. For example 200psi x 1.2 = 240 pounds of spring force. The nitrogen pressure is used to set the ride height.


Factory Series 980-02-072 Dimensions:
Setup For Dual Spring Rate
30" Maximum Combined Total Spring Length
Typically Customers Purchase 14" Top Spring and 16" Bottom Spring
2.0" Diameter
13.35" Travel
34.630" Extended
21.290" Collapsed
1.25" Shaft Diameter
Shaft Material: 4130 Hollow Chromoly
1.25" Mounting Width Between Tabs
Uses 1/2" Shock Bolts
40 Compression / 90 Rebound Standard Valving