Contour Clevis: 1-5/8" Tube, Slot Feature Perpendicular to Tube




CC163775P - Contour Clevis
Contoured clevises are a great way to add strength and ease of assembly.  These parts come in a clamshell kit so you can have flexibility in your rod end selection.  The weld contour is set up to work on a variety of tubing diameters and is offered with either inline or perpendicular design. This part number features:

  • 4130 construction
  • Contour to fit 1.625" diameter tube
  • .750" wide slot to accept 3/8" or 1/2" spherical
  • 3/8" diameter cross hole
  • Shipped with spacers to complete the assembly
  • Spherical sot is perpendicular to tube direction