CNC 701 Series Round Master Cylinders


$61.00 $72.00


CNC's 701 Series round master cylinders are all cast aluminum with an universal 2-1/4" mounting pattern.

The master cylinders are available with an optional stronger and corrosive restraint stainless steel sleeve. They are also available with a 5/16-24 threaded push rod in either the standard length or as a 'long rod' for CNC's dual pedal assemblies with a balance bar for adjusting brake bias. They can be ordered with either a satin or polished finish.

  • 2 1/4" Mounting pattern.
  • 5/16-24 thread push rod.
  • 1/8" pipe thread outlet.
  • Total-seal rubber boots.
  • Screw on lid with diaphragm.
  • Overall height is 3.
  • Our own precision American alloy casting.