AGM Hydraulic Jack System

All German Motorsports (AGM)



All German Motorsports (AGM) Dakar Series Hydraulic Jack System
Change your tires in a fraction of your previous time and get back to your race faster than your competition with All German Motorsport's (AGM) onboard jacking system. The system can also be used (in some situations) to get your vehicle unstuck without you or your passenger ever having to unbuckle your seat belts.  When every minute matters in your off road race, the Dakar Series Jacking System can help you.
  • Comes in 24, 30, and 33" Travel Systems with the option of an 8 or 12" Foot Pad
  • Complete Kit Includes: 2 Jacks, 2 Foot Pads, 1 Control Manifold, 2 Upper Chassis Mounts, 2 Tools, Plumbing & Hardware