934 CV Joints w/ 35 Spline Star, Polished: Fortin Transmission

ProAm Racing Products

$569.99 $599.99

934 CV Joints w/ 35 Spline Star, Polished
1/2" CV Bolt Size
300m CV Cage
Jimco Application: Fortin Transmission
Prepped CV's for Fortin Transmissions. CV joints are sold individually.
Polishing race preps the CV joint by de-burring the parts and loosening up the joint allowing it to easily move for the full travel of the suspension without binding. This process also reduces drag. Chromoly & 300M cages are stronger than stock and can handle higher axle angles and higher loads.
Option: Lightened CV Housing
*CV joints that have been lightened have material remove from the housing to reduce rotational mass to create a lighter part that helps improve acceleration, braking and reducing unsprung weight.