Brown & Miller Race Hose

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is used as a non-stick coating to  reduce friction, wear and energy consumption of fluids flowing through hoses. Whether you need smooth bore or convoluted hose, Jimco Racing has you covered.  Brown & Miller's unique convoluting method ensures maximum flexibility with unrivalled minimum bend radius figures with no variation in performance at high or low temperature and at high pressure or extreme vacuum. Convoluted hose also has the additional benefit of resisting collapse and flow restriction when pulled through tight bend radius.  Smooth Bore PTFE hose offers low volumetric expansion at maximum operating pressure making it ideal fro pressure systems such as brake, clutch, power steering, gearbox and suspension hydraulics. Low expansion provides a more positive brake pedal with less travel. It is able to operate at high pressure and temperature while remaining robust and flexible. High Pressure Smooth Bore PTFE hose is designed for high pressure and high impulse severe duty applications. It maintains excellent flexibility due to superior tension controlled single layer small wire diameter plated braid design.

Brown & Miller Convoluted PTFE Hose


Brown & Miller Smooth Bore PTFE Hose