Baja Designs

Excellent lighting is vital in off-road driving for the comfort, safety, and capabilities of the driver.  Because of this, Baja Designs is the preferred off road LED light manufacturer of Jimco Racing.  If you're looking for lights for your UTV or for your Trophy Truck, Baja Designs can deliver a wide range of benefits to the off road race car driver:  Baja Designs LED lights can help you be safe while pushing your vehicle to the limits in the dark of the desert!  


Whether you're looking for LED light bars, HID (High Intensity) lighting, lighting kits, or vehicle-specific lights, Baja Design probably has a product to help you.


UTV LED Lighting

UTV Vehicle Specific Lighting Kits

UTV HID Lighting
Jimco Racing offers all  Baja Design products with the following features:
Satisfaction Guarantee - 30 day money back guarantee;
Limited Lifetime Warranty -  complete purchase protection;
uService® - lets you replace your lenses or optics;
ClearView® -  proprietary optics that give you all the light, right where you need it;
MoistureBlock™ - waterproof, rain proof, dust proof, submersible and washable;
CopperDrive®  - only LED lights driven at 100% power;
5000K Daylight - reduces driver fatigue by using more natural color.
The owners and employees of Baja Designs are dedicated to being BRIGHTER, BOLDER, and BETTER, which is why they truly are “The Scientists of Lighting”.   Baja Designs LED Lights and Lightbars can help you dominate the night with less driver fatigue.  Baja Design's LED off road lights and HID lighting is proudly made in the USA!